Rule #1

Don't abuse any glitches that may arise while in the server. If you're found abusing a glitch, you will be banned. Simple as that.

Rule #2
No flight clients. You may use jetpacks and whatever in-game mod-pack mods that provide flight.
Rule #3

No spawn camping. You will receive a timeout if you're found doing this.

Rule #4

No griefing. Pranks are allowed, but absolutely no griefing. This includes TNT pranks as well. You may not "accidentally" quarry into someone's house. You may not "accidentally" have an uncooled nuclear reactor under someone's house.

Rule #5

Staff has last say on everything. Do not dispute their choice or you will receive a timeout.

Rule #6

While PVP is allowed, you may not excessively kill someone which stops their ability to play the game. Staff will take steps to ensure that all players are able to play.

Rule #7

You may have cheating accusations, but only tell staff if you have hard evidence proving that they did cheat. If you're found to be bull shitting the staff, you'll receive a time out.